Melbourne Airport


Studio Digital have partnered with Melbourne Airport for a number of years, across multiple design and communications projects. From CAD drawings of the internal and external maps and building plans, we created the detailed maps that help you navigate around the entire airport. We also aided the wider community navigate their way around the airport when major construction projects were going on. delivering community paper advertisements, web banners, digital billboards and printed signage advising people of new roads, changes to routes and new areas within the airport.

You may also have seen our work on the flight information display screens around the departure areas, web banners on the website, or on internal communications presentations and materials. One of our major projects has been the full creation, illustration and maintenance of the Melbourne Airport Parking Signage Plan (PSP). The PSP was developed from numerous  CAD drawings and aerial photographs to create a highly detailed guide for both the public and other airport users to refer to for guidance on road use and parking facilities.



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