Web Banner Advertising

One of the most popular strategies to draw customers from other sites to your own, is with HTML animated web banner display adverts. Web banners connect with your potential customers and can increase the number of visitors to your site either by increase brand awareness or as a marketing communication for a new product, service or event.

Web banners can be delivered in various formats, including static banners in JPG/PNG or simple animations in GIF. However, the most popular and versatile format is animated HTML5. HTML5 web banners provide analytical data, such as ClickTags, which can provide insightful data into customer habits.


Paid Per Click (PPC) cross-channel campaigns for desktop, mobile and other devices allow you to create engaging, intelligent ads where animation is the focus. In-banner video can also be combined with other design elements or ad formats. These rich media formats are proven to increase conversions, attracting customers to your desired destination for sales spikes.


StudioDigital can create a bespoke HTML animated web banner for your needs and ensure that we work with the publisher or media agency ad-server to meet technical specifications. Whether your banner ads will be featured on an advertising network such as Google PPC or AdWords, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, or third-party ad servers such as Sizmek or Double-Click, we can design, build and test your banner ads so that you can track your advertising spend and ROI through ad-tracker links.


With our programmatic advertising partners, we can also create an online advertising strategy for your display ads to attract your ideal customer, further refining your target audience and honing your return on investment.


Click here to find out more about display banner advertising, programmatic advertising and integrating creative online advertising with targeted data. This will provide you with greater insights and better results on how your audiences respond to and interacts with your brands  web display advertisements.



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